Best Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Details, details, details! These are the element that matter most in any wedding ceremony. Getting the details right can transform your big day into the wedding of your dreams, while the opposite might put a damper on your special day and the memories you will have of that day.


One important element of weddings is the flowers – from the bouquets of the bride and her bridesmaids, to the flower arches and table décor, the flowers create that dreamy and perfect ambiance that is essential in weddings. If you are still trying to decide which flowers would look wonderful on your wedding day, here are some of the top choices for wedding flowers that are loved by brides and brides-to-be around the world.



The classic beauty of roses never fails to make any event special and extraordinary. White roses are an ideal choice for the bridal bouquet, but you can break away from tradition by going for an all-pink rose bouquet. Floral arrangements that feature roses of different colours are the perfect centrepieces for the tables, on the aisle, and at the entrance.



Peonies are a gorgeous alternative to roses. A bouquet of fully bloomed peonies is the best choice for a truly eye-catching bridal bouquet. From soft shades of pink and lilac to stronger hues of fuchsia and purple and deep red, a bunch of peonies can make anything look spectacular and dazzling! Some wedding designers even adorn cakes and tables with peonies as a special touch.


Sweet Succulents

In the past, succulents will probably be the least considered option for wedding flowers, less so for bridal bouquets. But combined with fragile looking blooms and artistic details and ornaments, succulents can make for a distinct statement bridal bouquet. Some succulents are even painted to complement the colour theme and motif of the wedding. So if you want versatile and striking flower choices for your wedding, sweet succulents may just be what you need.



Tall floral decorations that feature hydrangeas are the perfect centrepiece for your reception tables. Whether you are holding your big day indoors or out in the open air, hydrangeas can make the venue look beautiful and lively. Plus, going for hydrangeas as fillers for your floral decorations can help you save on the costs of wedding flowers.



Go beyond the traditional and choose a bunch of wildflowers! These are perfect for weddings with a rustic feel, or those with a boho theme. It exudes an air of freedom, vivaciousness, and pure happiness! The best thing about wildflowers is you can most likely get them for free, or at a very affordable cost from your flower delivery provider.


Need more fantastic ideas on your wedding floral arrangements? Visit this website and discover a wide variety of stunning blooms for your wedding day!

Wealth Building 101: Grow your wealth like you’ve already made it

In this day and age, you have to do more than just work hard in order to succeed. You also have to work smart, find ways to take full advantage of what you have, and learn to identify opportunities when they come around. You have to be more than a person of action – you have to be a person of strategy. You have think out of the box, be creative, follow trends, and get ahead of the curve. With that in mind, here are a few creative ways you can build your personal wealth:

Pick up side jobs

One of the ways successful investors and wealthy people grow their financial wealth is by diversifying your portfolio. As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The key is to distribute your resources into different investments as a safeguard against total market collapse. Understandably, you don’t have the resources that investors and millionaires have, but you do have resources at your disposal that you can invest wisely – your energy and time. Maximise your time and energy by devoting it towards productive, profit-generating activities like side jobs and freelancing opportunities. Doing this will allow you to earn some extra money on the side, while also helping you build your portfolio. What you earn from these odd jobs, though, should be channelled into smart investments that grow over time, so you won’t have to take on side jobs for the rest of your life.

Find a way to profit from your hobbies

Our personal hobbies often take up a considerable amount of our time. Whether you enjoy drawing and rendering digitised caricatures, or creating interesting fictional stories about every day experiences, your talent or hobby can be monetised. All you need is to find a way to market your wares inexpensively – and luckily, with the internet, you can easily and inexpensively set up a website to host your work for others to see. Are you a collector of stamps, books, or other collectibles? You can profit from those as well.

Explore investment options online

There are other platforms that you can use to increase your wealth as well. You can engage in online Forex trading and use wealth builder software to gradually grow your investments. There is a degree of risk when you participate in activities such as online trading, but just like starting a business or investing in stocks, risk is always a factor. You just have to carefully weigh your options, analyse which auto Forex trading software is best to use, and study the market to minimise the risk. You can also reach out to wealth managers who can guide you in growing your investment.

Child custody policies in UAE

Child custody in the UAE is a sensitive issue that must be approached with care. Children are most impressionable during their formative years. Situations such as the dissolution of marriage or divorce can have a negative impact on their emotional and psychological well-being.

In shared custodial arrangements, studies have shown that children whose parents are not in conflict tend to adjust well to the change in living conditions. On the other hand, separated parents who fail to cooperate in parenting through share custodial arrangements are shown to have negative effects on the psychological and emotional well-being of their children.

In fact, research reveals that children whose parents are frequently in conflict tend to display depressive and problematic behaviour, such as poor performance in school and delinquency. That is why it is important to understand child custody policies in the UAE and how they can affect the outlook of children in the long run.

Definition of custody per UAE personal status law

As defined by UAE law, custody is the right and duty of spouses to be afforded to their child upon their matrimony. If they are to dissolve their union, the custody of the children will be granted to the mother, granted that she is fit and willing to provide for their needs, per the conditions set by law. To arrive at a custodial decision, there are three rights that must come into unity with one another – that of the father, the custodian, and the child under custody.

If the three rights fall in line with one another, then they are considered valid. However, if they fail to agree with one another, then the rights of the child are prioritised. Ultimately, the custody must favour the interests of the child under custody.

When is a parent not eligible for child custody?

Per Article 143 of the UAE Personal Status Law, a parent is not eligible to have custody over a child if he or she suffers from the following conditions:

  • Mental Disorder – a child under custody needs a guardian who is capable of providing ample care and protection. A parent suffering from mental disorder is not capable of providing these essential needs, and is therefore not allowed to have custody of the child.
  • Physical incapability – a child needs to have a guardian who can physically take care of the child. As such, a parent whose sickness renders them physically incapable of providing the care needed by the child is ineligible for child custody. In the same way, a parent who is affected by a severely infectious disease would be considered ineligible

If you want to know more about child custody laws in the UAE, feel free to talk to expert family lawyers. There are plenty of Dubai law firms who are capable of providing you with sound legal advice.

The best and proven ways to lose body fat

Getting healthy and fit offers numerous benefits. In addition to a toned and lean physique, getting rid of body fat does wonders for your health. You can enjoy improved physical stamina, fight off a number of diseases, especially diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and have a more robust physical and mental health.

Now, if you are aspiring to lose some serious weight and shed off body fat, here are some tips that can help you on your journey to building a healthier and fitter body.

  • Follow a strictly healthy diet – When people hear or read the word diet, they tend to think of all their favourite food that might not be able to eat anymore. Health experts and nutritionists, however, say this is not true. While you may need to make significant changes in your diet and eating habits, it does not mean you cannot have another taste of your favourite chocolate or French fries. The key here is proper control and discipline.
    Instead of totally avoiding your “guilty pleasures,” indulge in them under a strict diet plan. For example, you can give in to the temptation of chocolate every Friday night, after a week of following your ideal diet plan. Diet plans may differ for individuals as we all have unique and different needs. The general rule is to include more healthy food in your diet and avoid food that contain high doses of fat, salt, sugar, and other ingredients that can be unhealthy if taken in large amounts.
  • Faithfully do your exercise routines – The biggest factor in losing weight is to engage in exercise routines on a regular basis. Be it running, brisk walking, or weight lifting, it is important that you exercise so you can burn excess body fat, or turn them into muscle. However, be sure that you are burning off more fat than you are consuming. It will be a waste if you will just regain the pounds you have lost.
  • Find modern ways to boost your efforts – Today’s advancements in the field of medicine and health have produced innovative ways that can help people lose weight. One of the latest such technologies is lipotropic injections. These are a type of injection that helps boost the body’s fat burning process. It does this through stimulating the liver and its functions, enhancing the metabolism process, and spreading antioxidants in the body to help break down fat cells.

    These capabilities make it the ideal complement to weight loss activities, as it amplifies the results of your efforts. If you are interested in lipotropic injections, visit our website to know more about this cutting-edge weight loss method.


How to Prep your Car for the Summer Season

Summer is just around the corner and people will be on the road for some adventures. But before you pack your bags, be sure to get your automobile summer-ready to ensure smooth-sailing trips during this hot season. Read on these tips and have your car “summerized” in no time!


  1. Get tabs on your car oil

Black and nasty oil can do horrendous damage to your vehicle. Check the quality of your oil as well as its levels. If the oil looks like amber, it should be fine. Once you see a different color, schedule a replacement ASAP. Be sure that the level of oil meets the fill mark.


  1. Be cool with your coolant

Since the hot weather will not be as forgiving, it would be best to ensure that the coolant mix and level is at their maximum. Go to your trusted repair shop to check if the water to ethylene glycol ratio is fine. If you haven’t replaced the coolant within the year, this is the best time to do it. And do not forget your radiator. Remove all debris that might cause mechanical failure.


  1. Replace your tires

Coming from winter season, your tires will probably be worn-out or underinflated. Have it replaced before your summer trip. Check the interior and exterior condition of the tires for wear and bubbles. Replace them immediately if you see these signs. It is also advisable to have tires dedicated for winter and summer. All-season summer tires are good, but having a different set of tires for different seasons is better to ensure safety. Lastly, be sure your spare tire is in best condition.


  1. Do not forget the A/C

Since the temp will be hot outside, be sure that the inside of your car is cool and comfortable. Get a tested technician to check the condition of your car’s AC. Have the cabin air filter cleaned or replaced if necessary.


  1. Give it a thorough under-the-hood inspection.

To ensure safety, get an overall check. Visit your trusted car technician to check everything. Schedule the visit a week before the trip so you have time for repairs and parts replacement. While you are at it, you can also pack your car essentials (tools, cleaners, etc.) and put them in your vehicle before the trip. This can be handy if the need arises.

Proper car checking and maintenance can save you from the hassle of car breakdown and mechanical failure. And remember, it always pays to be prepared especially when you are on the road, whether it is summer or winter.


Being healthy is the most precious gift that you can give to yourself or your loved ones. That is why we spend money on supplements and vitamins and acquire the latest exercise equipment to keep us fit and healthy.

But in this modern day and age, more and more people are incorporating technology to help them monitor their condition and level up their fitness strategy. If you are thinking of making your 2017 a year of good health, then these gadgets would definitely be of good use to you.

  1. AIRE

Having a hard time figuring out what type of food is compatible to your type? Then get an AIRE. AIRE is a breath analyzer that helps determine the level of gas in your body. Simply breath thru this gadget and the smart app will indicate what food is best for you

This can be a great gift for people who are just about to start their diet plan. But it wouldn’t hurt to get one for yourself.


  1. MOTIV

Getting tired of the same, old fitness bracelet? Then switch to fitness rings! Motiv is a titanium smart ring that helps track your heart rate and the number of step you’ve taken within the day.

This wearable device uses three sensors – an optical heart sensor, smart LED sensor, and 3-axis accelerometer – to keep track of the wearer’s activities. You can also go for a swim wearing this, since it is waterproof.



Having a hard time controlling your appetite? Then Hapifork is perfect for you. This health device helps users control portions of what they eat. This smart fork notifies the user if he is having a big portion of his meal by sending vibrations. It can also detect the user’s eating intervals and duration and stores it in an app.



Having ankle problems? Then wear a Sensoria Smart Sock. The Sensoria Smart Sock is a wearable device that indicates if you are using your ankle way too hard.  This sock indicates the wearer’s performance when walking or running. It can help on improving the wearer’s running performance. It is also washable so you don’t have to worry about putting it in your laundry basket.



This device is a gym buff’s top choice. The Umoro One is a water bottle that is use not only for storing water but also a mixing your protein whey. This bottle can hold up to 1.5 scoops of powdered drinks, and acts a mixer when the button is pushed.

Overcome the Competition with a Strong Brand Presence

A brand is a business’ reflection. If your brand is nothing sort of memorable, how will you expect customers to come – let alone, remember – your business? This is where you need to get digital marketing services for your business.

With the number of online users on the rise, you can’t neglect your digital real estate. After all, building your brand is all about being right where your customers are. The question is, “What digital marketing strategies will help you stay on top of other competitors?”

You can get started with the following strategies:

Improve your website

If you want to grow your brand, the first thing you need to do is improve your current website. Look at its overall design: Does it serve the needs of your customers? Can they find what they need right off the bat? It might be time to do a website redesign to get back those customers you lost due to an unappealing and cluttered website.

Get more online traction with SEO

Building organic traffic is one of the most effective ways to get visibility online. Optimizing your website to attract traffic can increase your opportunities for more conversions, which, in turn, can be converted into ROI. If you know how to do your SEO right, you can bump the competition and get right in front of your customers.

Know how to engage in social media

Social media usage is increasing by the year, thanks to the growing popularity of different social platforms. Nonetheless, social media is not just a place to connect with other people; it’s also a place where you can do business. Improving your social media strategy provides you with added leverage to engage with your followers who can be potential customers.

Identify key metrics

How will you measure success if you don’t know which metrics to track? Any digital marketing strategy will be fruitless if you don’t have a benchmark. Determining the number of customers following your brand, looking at the numbers of your competitors, and checking the performance of your business online will provide you a foundation for your strategy. You can use different free tools and software to monitor metrics and ensure your business stays on track.

It’s not enough for your brand to be just out there – you need to be a brand the resonates well with your target customers. After all, you can’t beat the competition with half-baked strategies.